Amazon consulting

If you are here, then you are either one of the 2 million sellers on Amazon or want to be one of them. Buy how? How can you stand out among the 500 million products on their site.

Let us help!

Our Expertise

We can help you overcome and do the following:

  • Boost your brand visability
  • Improve the performance of your ads
  • increase conversaion rates
  • develop daily/weekly performance reports
  • drive traffic to your listing

Amazon Programs

1P Vendor Direct – This means that you sell directly to Amazon. This means that you will need to understand their Vendor Central website. You will need to pull reports off their site to determine how much you are selling to Amazon as well as how much they are selling to consumers.

1P Dropship – This is also similar to selling direct to Amazon, but you are using their shipping by printing out their stickers. You do need to fulfill this though

3P Dropship – This means that you are a third party seller. You are using the Amazon platform on the seller central software. You will need to navigate their website.

FBA – This is the 4th way to sell with Amazon and I would argue all of them are getting close in the cost side of things while differring in the way that the product is distributed. FBA or fulfilled by amazon means you concentrate on selling and they get it our the door for you.

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